Nyepi Day


Thursday, March 7 th ’ 2019 is a day of total silence and meditation for Balinese who will start their New Year by purifying the nature and spirit. Observance will be started from 06.00 AM and last full 24 hours till 06.00 AM on Friday March 8 th ’ 2019.

On this day, Balinese stay at home and abstain from turning on lights or lighting cooking fire (Amati Geni ), working ( Amati Karya ), travelling ( Amati Lelungan ), and making noise and entertainment ( Amati Lelanguan ). All of those description are called “ Catur Berata Penyepian “.

Nyepi is very important religious day and the prohibitions are taken very seriously. All street will be closed to both pedestrians and vehicles. The village wardens ( Pecalang ) and Police Officers will be posted to keep people off the roads and beaches.

On Thursday March 7 th ’ 2019 for visitor who in Bali are strictly requested stay in house and doing in house activity only. No lights on either in garden or in house during the nights and with a minimum noise. However air condition in house can be switched on. All of this to respect the religious day and the tradition of Hindu Bali Community.

The day before Nyepi

On Wednesday March 6 th ’ 2019 called Pengerupukan Day. On this day each Balinese Village and Family house arrange a Sanctification Ceremony ( “ Tawur Agung Kesanga “ ) to purify the house and the village.

In the evening start from 18.00 until 22.00 there will be Ogoh – Ogoh ( Giants effigies ) attraction which usually take place around village all over Bali Island. The festival will attract all village community and most tourist in the area. All guest may see the yearly of Balinese people festival.

On behalf of www.awanabook.com for those who in Bali we wish you a “ Happy Nyepi Day “ and enjoy the fresh air, minimum air pollution and a restful day.

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